Monday, 1 February 2016

Tips to Clean Up the Ears of Your Cat at Home

Cat Health: Tips to Clean Up the Ears of Your Cat at Home

Many of us have known that the cat ears are the most vulnerable area that can be attack by many batteries, germs and the mushroom. The attack from those unwanted bacteria can endanger the health of your cat such as the ear diseases. So, in conclusion, you need to clean up your cat’s ears as often as possible.

Well, instead of sending it to be cleaned by the vet, actually you can do it alone at home. You just need to do some steps to clean up the ears of your beloved cat through those steps below:

1) You need to prepare the things such as the liquid ear medicine specialized for cat, cotton buds and tissue.
2) Put the liquid medicine into the side of the ears of cat carefully, it is used to avoid an irritation to happen.
3) After you ensure the ears have been clean, you can remove the residue of liquid by using the tissue.
4) For the angle of the ears, you can use the cotton bud to reach those untouched areas.
5) Please do follow the suggested prescription/dosage of the use of the liquid medicine.

Finish. Now you have done the cleaning.

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How to Stop My Cat from Fighting?

Cat Behaviour: How to Stop My Cat from Fighting?

I certainly face some realities that my cats at home sometimes fighting. Of course in this case, you as the owner will never feel comfort with this condition. The room becomes noisy, and sometimes you will feel pity when one of your cats lose in a fight, oh no!

But don’t worry, the cat fighting can be solved anyway, and you can do it by identifying the causes of fighting. Here are the reasons of cat fighting and the solutions!

1) Territorial Reason

The same with human, you also need to know that your cat also has their territory that should not be disturbed by others. If they are the first “occupant” at your home, then they will be the first owner. Other new comer cats will be treated as the “infiltrator” and they are a threat for their existence at your home. And of course, they will start to combat the infiltrator and fight.

How to solve this? You can simply divide them into separated room in your home. One cat is put at the dining room and other cat is put on the kitchen. Make them comfortable with their own “new territory” by adding some accessories which are familiar with the cat such as the cat tree etc. the accessories such as cat tree can help the cat to sign their territory either by clawing the tree or waging their furs into the tree or other accessories so that each cat can “respect” each territory. By doing this, hopefully you can prevent them from fighting.

2) Jealousy

Don’t get me wrong, the cat also can feel the jealousy. Especially when there is a new cat at your home. They will feel jealous because they are afraid that your love to him will be divided for the new comer and they will not get the full attention anymore. That’s why they choose to fight with this new comer. You need to stop it to happen by giving the same attention and love to both cats. For the first step, maybe you need to be strict in giving them the room to interact. You should divide their plate to eat, divide their bedroom etc, but please remember you should treat them the same, don’t be discriminative!

Slowly but sure, I believe that both can build their mutual trust and stop fighting, and even, it will lead to a good friendship. Don’t forget that the cat is also a social lover. It is based on my personal experience and can be done to your cats at home.

3) Getting the Female

The cat which has reached the age of 2-4 years has gone through their social maturity. They will get a sexual maturity and sometimes it leads to the fighting with other cats to get the female cat. To stop the fight, you can divide both male cats. It is sometimes temporarily working but you also don’t have any option instead of doing this.

But something that needs to be remembered is when you try to divide them, please does it nicely. Don’t hit them by the broom or etc, because it will make them be uncomfortable with you and it makes them fear to you and not be close to you anymore.

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